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Saturn: A Unique Brand in the US

Started with a bright future, Saturn, also known as the Saturn Corporation or Saturn LLC, was owned by the famous multinational American manufacturer General Motors (GM) as its subsidiary. Marketed as a different kind of brand, Saturn was operated independently from its parent company and was GM's attempt to compete with Japanese automakers. Having its own assembly plant, unique models and a separate retailer network, Saturn offers a wide range of vehicle types ranging from the sedan, coupe, minivan, hatchback to the station wagon, a compact crossover, roadster and electric cars. Founded on January 7, 1985, just as NASA employed Saturn rockets to beat the USSR to the moon in the space, the Saturn Corporation was the response to Japanese automobile manufacturers in the economy car filed race. But due to poor sales and GM's bankruptcy reorganization, Saturn brand has been discontinued as of the 2009 model year, and its operation method and design ideas still inspired many automakers.

Being Unique in Operation

Positioned as a division to sell small, low-priced cars, Saturn knows that only being different from other famous and upscale brands in GM could it have a chance to occupy a share in the automobile market. First of all, Saturn differentiated itself from other GM products with all-new platforms - the Z-body platform and flexible plastic panels meant to resist denting, which means models are easy to alter look as often as needed. Models from it were among the most fuel-efficient vehicles of their day. In its earlier years, Saturn enjoyed some success, fueled by buyers who were in love with its another unique approach to customer relations that include no-haggle pricing, which could let car dealers get rid of concerns about price battle and become more devoted to products themselves. What's more, Saturn also established strict employee training system, which is the new employees must accept training in thought for five days and in a profession for 100-150 hours. And the labor union comprised of management and workers entitles employees to improve production quality. Dallas electronic data system bought by Roger Smith realize production integration and streamlined. Furthermore, it was so dedicated to consumer satisfaction that it put the buyers on the front line of its service and founded Saturn Motorists' Club to enhance customers' brand awareness. No wonder that Saturn also garnered several awards in various aspects through the years such as two "Silver Anvil" awards for community and internal relations besides awards for Best Small Wagon and so on.

Popular Models

Though as a very young model, Saturn still makes many classic and popular models, in return, these models also help it built an image of efficiency, stylish, affordability and value. Vue or VUE is a compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that was Saturn's best-selling model introduced in 2001 for the 2002 model year. Ion or ION, as a compact car, was the successor of the S-Series, it was the longest compact car sold in North America based on the GM Delta platform available between 2003 to 2007 model year. But it was replaced by the Astra in 2008, which was Saturn's smallest model as a five-door hatchback available in basic Astra XE and upmarket XR trim levels. The sports car 2-door roadster Sky was introduced in the first quarter of 2006 as a 2007 model. Built based on the Kappa automobile platform shared with Pontiac Solstice and Opel GT, Sky also did a good job in motorsport. The L-Series includes LS, LS1, LS2, LW1, LW2, L100, L200, LW1, LW2, LW200, LW300, and L300, which are also exceptional models in Saturn's lineup. Apart from above-mentioned models, the Red Line and Green Line are also great models that could be ignored as they also made a contribution in the environment-friendly.

Saturn Parts

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