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About Saturn LS1

Also belonging to the renowned Saturn L-Series, Saturn LS1 was produced by a subsidiary of General Motors - the Saturn Corporation, also known as Saturn LLC as a mid-size car in 2000. Originally introduced to attract SL and SW buyers who want to get large vehicles as the market was shifting from small cars to mid-size cars and SUVs. But after being manufactured for only one year, Saturn renamed the LS1 as the L200 in order to distinguish its LS with Buick LS. However, because the sales of the L-Series weren't expected, it was eventually discontinued for 2005 model year and was replaced by the Saturn Aura in 2006 for the 2007 model year.
Saturn LS1 was built on the same platform shared with the Opel Vectra, Saab 9-3, and Saab 9-5 and made its debut in 1999 for the 2000 model year. Available in only one body style, the 4-door sedan, Saturn LS1 has plastic body panels and was equipped with power window and locks, keyless entry and other amenities. During its lifetime, LS1 was powered by a 2.2 L Ecotec inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 137 horsepower and power was sent through either a 4-speed automatic or manual transmission to the front wheels.

Saturn LS1 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

After all, Saturn LS1 came off the same assembly line of LS, thus, it is not strange that it also shared some common problems with LS. For the sake of your and occupants' safety, you are advised to learn about these common problems on your LS1 in advance:
First, as expected, engine failure again becomes the most common and worst issue on Saturn LS1. But as every problem has signs, some experienced LS1 drivers also concluded some signs to diagnose and solve this issue. This issue often starts with squealing noises from the engine, and burnt oil smell in the compartment, smoke coming from the engine, oil puddles under the car; then it evolves as engine perform worse so that it stays in rough idle, misfires, stalls or even suffers from starting. In the end, the engine will lose power while acceleration, have bad gas mileage and activate the Check Engine Light. In case these similar symptoms appear on your vehicle, please make sure the LS1 ignition coil, oxygen sensor, drive belt, exhaust gasket, cooling hose, radiator hose, oil pan gasket, air inject check valve, EGR valve, coolant reservoir and water pump gasket are in best shape.
Second, suspension failure becomes a serious problem on Saturn LS1. The worse situation is not many LS1 drivers have realized the seriousness until it is too late. Generally, this problem often manifests as rattling or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle, intense vibration while driving, swerving or nose diving when braking, uneven tire wear and poor handling due to tilting vehicle and loose steering wheel. And LS1 shock absorber, sway bar bushing, sway bar link and sway bar bracket are often the culprits of these symptoms.
However, besides above-mentioned problems on Saturn LS1, electrical parts of it also need routine maintenance as they are often exposed to a high frequency of usage. Thus, please maintain the LS1 ABS control module, power window switch, headlight switch, A/C switch, door lock actuator, window regulator, and back up light switch on a regular basis. What's more, some vulnerable but vital parts of your LS1 also need to be on your routine maintenance list as they could make sure safety and comfort level. Seat belt, wheel seal, door handle, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light and headlight are among those parts.
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