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About Saturn L300

Being the model of the eminent and distinct Saturn L-Series, Saturn L300 was produced by the subsidiary of General Motors Saturn Corporation (Saturn LLC) and sold under its brand Saturn between 2001 and 2005 as a mid-size car. Originally introduced as a renamed version of the LS2, LW200 and LW300, L300 used a lot of design ideas of them. But as the whole L-Series did not sell well, after being manufactured through five years, the L300 was discontinued after the 2005 model year and the last L300 rolled off the assembly line on June 17, 2004, indicated the end of L-Series, which was replaced by the Saturn Aura for the 2007 model year.
Saturn L300 made its debut for the 2001 model year with many other renamed models of the L-Series lineup. It was offered in two body styles: 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon and came in two trim levels: L300.1 for a sedan and L300.2 for a station wagon. All standard equipment such as power window and locks, keyless entry, air conditioning and an AM/FM stereo is available for it, it was also equipped with ABS, traction control and side curtain airbags. During its lifetime, Saturn L300 was powered by a 3.0 L V6 rated at 182 horsepower and a 2.2 L inline 4-cylinder engine cranking out 140 hp and 142 lb-ft of torque. These engines sent power through the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions to the front wheels.

Saturn L300 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting competitive prices, strong engine and simple handling, Saturn L300 is a fairly good choice for buyers who need a vehicle for commuting. But a wise L300 driver will always prepare for these common problems in advance:
First, engine stalls again become the biggest headache for Saturn L300 drivers according to car repair statistics site To be honest, top three issues on L300 are all engine related. As the soul of a vehicle, you had better learn about these symptoms of this issue and get them solved as soon as possible. The engine may start making sounds such as whining or rattling to warn you, you may also see white or gray smoke from the exhaust pipe or smell oil odor in the compartment. Then you notice the engine has suffered performance such as misfiring, stalling, losing power when acceleration and even suffering from starting issues. Once the Check Engine Light is activated, you had better inspect the L300 spark plug, timing chain, timing cover, oxygen sensor, valve cover gasket, EGR valve and EGR valve gasket.
Second, for Saturn L300 drivers, the same serious issue on the vehicle is the braking failure as engine failure could destroy the vehicle and braking failure could kill occupants. For the sake of safety, you should keep these symptoms of braking failure in your mind. According to experienced L300 drivers, at the beginning, the brakes will give out squealing noises when being depressed; then the brakes will respond poorly, and brake pedal becomes pulsating, which are dangerous for driving. The best solution is when you see lit Brake Warning Light and Parking Brake Light, you should inspect if the L300 brake pad, brake line, brake disc, brake drum, parking brake cable and hydraulic hose are working properly.
More important is always performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts of your Saturn L300 if you want to enjoy only pleasure brought by your Saturn L300. Some auto parts are bound to wear and tear more quickly than others due to fragile materials and harsh working conditions. Therefore, please maintaining seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter routinely as they undertake the responsibility of creating a safe and comfortable driving environment.
Another effective way to make sure your Saturn L300 serve you a long time is to replace the old broken parts of it with new OEM Saturn L300 auto parts. happens to own a wide range of lowest-priced genuine Saturn L300 auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty. These OEM L300 parts are guaranteed to be of high quality, reliability and durability, not to mention that you can return them without a hassle if you have any dissatisfaction with them after receiving them at the door step in the shortest time. Order now and get a best-shaped L300 again!