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About Pontiac Phoenix

Available along with the Chevrolet Citation, Buick Skylark and Oldsmobile Omega to compete against the high-quality and ever more popular compact sedans from Japan, Pontiac Phoenix was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company and sold under its brand Pontiac between 1977 and 1984 as a compact car. Originally introduced to substitute the Pontiac Ventura, Phoenix was built based on popular Chevrolet models and got its name from the mythologies. But after being manufactured for only two generations, the Phoenix was replaced by the Pontiac Grand Am in 1985.
The first-generation Pontiac Phoenix was produced from 1977 to 1979 and was introduced as the top-level trim of the Pontiac Ventura. Built at the GM X-body platform, Phoenix was offered in three body styles: 2-door coupe or hatchback and 4-door sedan and came in three trim levels: base, LJ and SJ. During this generation, Phoenix was powered by a 2.5 L I4 rated at 110 hp, a 3.8 L V6 producing 110 horsepower and a 5.0 L V8 making 140 hp. And these engines sent power through 3-speed, 4-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions to the rear wheels. The more recent Phoenix arrived in 1980 as a downsized model. The 2-door coupe and 5-door hatchback were available body styles and it was offered in base, LE and SE trim levels. Back then, Phoenix gets power from 2.5 L I4 and 2.8 L V6 and power was sent through 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission to the front wheels.

Pontiac Phoenix Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Due to low prices and high fuel efficiency, Pontiac Phoenix was a very popular model and played its role well in fighting for compact cars market. But since it is an old model, you should pay more attention to these common problems on your Phoenix:
First, transmission fluid leaks from passenger side axle openings is reported as the most serious issue with the Pontiac Phoenix. And this problem is obviously a transmission failure, Phoenix drivers said it often arises when the vehicle reaches about 270,000 miles. At the same time, for those who have no knowledge background of working principle of automobiles, these recognizable and simple signs of this issue could be very helpful. First of all, there will be clunking or grinding noises from beneath the vehicle; then you will find hard to shift gears, the indicator does not match the gear, the vehicle starts in another gear or refuses to go into any gear; more serious is the transmission slippage and surging as well as problems when attempting to switch gears and partial loss or vehicular power. All these symptoms could be attributed to the Phoenix shift cable, transmission assembly, transfer case seal, torque converter and automatic transmission filter.
Second, as an old model, engine failure is also a serious problem on Pontiac Phoenix. It often is the indicator meaning the vehicle is on the verge of breaking down. In order to avoid the worst result, you had better know about these signs provided by experienced Phoenix drivers. First, the engine will make some strange noises such as whining, squealing or rattling or an odor of fuel fills the compartment; then, the engine will run roughly, misfire, stall and even suffer from starting issues; before the vehicle loses power while acceleration and consumes excessive oil, if the Check Engine Light comes on, you need to inspect the Phoenix spark plug, engine mount, air filter, oil filter, cam gear, oxygen sensor and fuel pump.
When performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts of your Pontiac Phoenix, knowing what parts need could save you a lot of time and energy. Generally, the Phoenix windshield wiper, wiper blade, seat belt, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter need to be on the routine maintenance list as they play important roles in creating safe and comfortable driving environment.
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