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About Pontiac Grand Am

Experiencing three separate production runs, Pontiac Grand Am was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's brand Pontiac from 1972 to 1975, 1977 to 1980 and 1984 to 2005 as a mid-size and compact car. Originally introduced to replace the Pontiac LeMans/GTO for 1973 model year, Pontiac Phoenix for 1985 model year, and Pontiac Tempest for 1992 model year, Grand Am was Pontiac's best-selling car. Could be regarded as being manufactured through five generations, Grand Am was eventually replaced by the Pontiac G6, which means the six-generation Grand Am.
The fourth-generation Pontiac Grand Am was produced from 1991 to 1998 as a compact car. It was offered in two body styles: coupe and sedan and both of them came in SE and GT trim levels. And during this generation, Grand Am started with a 2.3 L inline four-cylinder rated at 115 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque, 2.3 L higher-powered four-cylinder cranking out 170 hp, 2.3 L medium-powered 155 hp, 3.1 L V6 155 hp and 3.3 L V6 160 hp engines. And engines sent power through the 5-speed manual, 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions to the front wheels. The last generation Pontiac Grand Am arrived in late spring 1998, SE, SE1, SE2, GT, and GT1 were available trim levels. And it got power from 2.2 L I4 with 140 hp, 2.4 L I4 rated at 150 hp and 3.4 L V6 producing 170 hp and engines were mounted to the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Pontiac Grand Am Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Widely available and convincingly inexpensive, Pontiac Grand Am are good enough in most respects to be worth considering for a small family car. But still, be prepared for some common problems on your Grand Am is the key to enjoy a secure driving trip:
First, when the Pontiac Grand Am reaches about 100,000 miles, engine problems start to emerge on it. And generally, cooling system failure is the main reason for engine issues. According to some experienced Grand Am drivers, engine failure often manifests as rattling noises from the engine, rough running or backfiring engine, excessive vibrations and reduced engine performance such as loss of power while accelerating. And all these could be caused by the constantly overheating engine or the engine keeps at a high operation temperature due to leaking coolant. Thus, besides the Grand Am crankshaft, intake valve, engine mount, and throttle cable, the inspection on the coolant reservoir, radiator cap and intake manifold gasket is also essential.
Second, suspension and transmission failures are also what troubles Pontiac Grand Am drivers most. On one hand, both issues would lead to clunking or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle, which is very annoying and a distraction during driving. The difference of these two problems lies on the suspension failure also causes the excessive vibration from the front, vehicle tilting to one side, and vehicle bottoming out, which could be attributed to defective Grand Am steering knuckle and coil springs. And the culprits of transmission failure such as inaccurate gear readings, difficulty shifting gears and refusing to go into any gear are the Grand Am shift linage boot, shift cable and transfer case seal.
While in your Pontiac Grand Am, you could not simply rely on dealing with sudden situations to make sure safety and comfort, performing routine maintenance on some vulnerable auto parts is also vital. For example, in Grand Am, window regulator, power window switch and mirror switch are electrical parts that could wear quickly due to a high frequency of usage, thus, routine maintenance on them is indispensable. The door lock is used to protect your vehicle's safety and cabin air filter is helpful in creating a comfortable driving environment through filtering contaminations in the air and venting fresh air into the compartment, please add them to your routine maintenance list as well.
For your Pontiac Grand Am's best shape, please choose OEM Pontiac Grand Am auto parts as parts replacements. Not only for precise fitment but also for optimum performance, these parts could meet your requirements. And covers a broad selection of genuine Pontiac Grand Am auto parts at the lowest price online. These OEM Grand Am parts are impeccable in quality, reliability and durability, thus, you can shop them with full confidence as hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service will also have your back.