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About Pontiac Firebird

As a result of General Motors' desire to create a new car to compete with the new pony car category, Pontiac Firebird was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's brand Pontiac from 1967 to 2002 as a pony and muscle car. Originally introduced to share the pony car market and compete against the Ford Mustang, Firebird was based on a new purpose-built F-body platform. But being manufactured through four generations, the last Firebird rolled off the production line in 2002.
The second-generation Pontiac Firebird was produced from 1982 to 1992 in two body styles: 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. And it came in three trim levels: base, luxury S/E, Trans Am and Formula. During this generation, Firebird got many engine options ranging from 2.5 L inline-four rated at 90 to 5.7 L V8 producing 240 hp and engines sent power through either 4-speed, 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels. Most recent Pontiac Firebird debuted in 1992 as a 1993 model. The base, Trans Am and Formula trim levels were carried over from the previous generation. But this time, Firebird was powered by engines varying from 3.4 L V6 generating 160 hp to 5.7 L V8 making 275 hp. Power was sent through 4-speed automatic or 5-speed, 6-speed manual transmission.

Pontiac Firebird Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting strong performance, mechanical reliability, cargo capacity, handling and styling, Pontiac Firebird is really a good choice for sports car enthusiasts. But after all it was an aged model, thus, you need to pay more attention to these common problems on your Firebird:
First, start, then stalls instantly as well as trouble starting is what Pontiac Firebird drivers complained most about the vehicle according to the car repair statistics site Though it is a terrible issue for a vehicle, still, you could speculate from some simple symptoms and get it resolved as early as possible. According to some experienced Firebird drivers, when the vehicle reaches about 100,000 miles, you should be alert about the strange noises from the engine, leaking coolant on the ground, reduced engine performance as hesitant acceleration and inability to start even poor fuel economy. Once the Low Coolant Light and Check Engine Light come on, please inspect the Firebird fuel pump, throttle body, oxygen sensor, water pump gasket and radiator cap immediately in case worse situations appear.
Second, suspension failure could also be a terrible issue on Pontiac Firebird. In fact, this issue is easy to diagnose but many Pontiac Firebird drivers have not attached enough importance to it and underestimate the consequence it could cause. In fact, when you could hear rattling or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle, the issue starts. And the uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle are the direct results. Next, drivers will feel hard to control the vehicle due to intense car vibration and loose steering wheel, which is very dangerous for driving. Thus, once sounds are audible, please make sure if the Firebird sway bar bushing, sway bar link, front-cross member, sway bar bracket, and shock and strut mount are working properly.
However, unexpected accidents always happen, to prevent the unexpected, you need to take preventative measures on some vulnerable auto parts of your Pontiac Firebird. You should know the fact clearly that some auto parts are bound to be easier to wear and tear due to fragile materials and harsh working conditions. Moreover, most auto parts play important roles in creating safe and comfortable driving experience. Thus, the Firebird door lock actuator, emblem, knock sensor, windshield wiper, wiper blade, wiper arm, door lock cylinder, antenna, headlight switch, wheel cover and oil pressure switch should be added to the routine maintenance list.
The most important way to keep you away from accidents is to choose OEM Pontiac Firebird auto parts as parts replacements. They will fit your vehicle perfectly and could restore its performance to the fullest extent. Moreover, covers a wide range of lowest-priced genuine Pontiac Firebird backed by the manufacturer's warranty, you can trust them in quality, reliability and durability. And if you have dissatisfaction with these OEM Firebird parts, you can return them without a hassle and receive them at the door step in the shortest time after ordering!