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About Pontiac Bonneville

Boasting a long history, Pontiac Bonneville was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's brand Pontiac between 1958 and 2005 as a full-size and mid-size car. Originally introduced as the successor to Pontiac Star Chief, Bonneville was a limited production performance model and one of the largest models that Pontiac ever built. However, after being manufactured for ten generations, the last Bonneville left the assembly line on May 27, 2005, and it was replaced by the Pontiac G8.
The ninth-generation Pontiac Bonneville was produced from 1992 to 1999, made its debut at the 1991 Chicago International Auto Show and went on sale in July 1991 for the 1992 model year. Available only one body style, 4-door sedan, Bonneville came in three trim levels: base SE, sporty SSE and supercharged SSEi as well as an SLE (Sport Luxury Edition) package. During this generation, Bonneville was powered by a standard 3.8 L V6 rated at 170 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque, whose output grew to 205 hp and 230 lb-ft of torque, 205 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque and 240 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. And this engine sent power through the 4-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels. The more recent Bonneville arrived at the market in 2000 and it came in four trim levels: base SE, midrange SLE, GXP and top-of-the-line SSEi. And it got power from a 3.8 L V6 rated at 205 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque and a 4.6 L V8 producing 275 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque, and power was still sent through the 4-speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Bonneville Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Having earned a reputation for being both luxurious and performance-oriented, Pontiac Bonneville provided comfortable transportation for up to six passengers while adding in an appreciated amount of style and performance. Considering your Bonneville's age, no matter how well it was built, you need to know about these common problems on it:
First, engine failure on Pontiac Bonneville is still a trouble for drivers since everyone knows that once the engine is failing, the vehicle is on the verge of breaking down. Therefore, you might as well know these symptoms of this issue provided by Bonneville drivers. First, you could feel the engine shakes and makes strange sounds such as squealing or whining, then the engine will perform worse so that it runs roughly, misfires, stalls and even suffers from starting issues such as hard starting and inability to start. And once the coolant leaks, the engine will keep overheating and have suffered performance. In case this issue results in your vehicle's expiring, you need to keep the Bonneville radiator, body control module, throttle cable, radiator hose, drive belt, cooling hose, coolant reservoir and fuel rail in good order.
Second, for Pontiac Bonneville drivers, suspension and transmission failures could only bring uncomfortable and unsteady driving trip, it is not a big deal. But in fact, both issues could also result in fatal consequences. The clunking noises when accelerating or braking caused by suspension failure may just be annoying, but they are actually the reason for uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle. You will gradually feel hard to control the vehicle due to intense car vibration and loose steering wheel, you are advised to inspect the Bonneville trailing arm, trailing arm bushing, coil spring insulator, sway bar bushing and wheel bearing thoroughly once noises come out from underneath the vehicle. As for transmission failure, you could attribute it to the Bonneville shift cable, transfer case seal, transmission assembly and automatic transmission filter.
Apart from above-mentioned problems, you need also put routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts to make sure your Pontiac Bonneville performs best all the time. Some auto parts of your Bonneville could not last as long as the vehicle could such as seat belt, wiper arm, fog light, battery cable, door handle, power window switch, hood latch, blower motor, wheel cover and washer reservoir. They need your routine maintenance.
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