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Oldsmobile: The Oldest Brand in the US

Appearing along with the introduction of automobiles, Oldsmobile was owned by the famous multinational American manufacturer General Motors (GM) as its division. Marketed as an entry-level luxury brand, Oldsmobile was the oldest surviving American automobile marque and one of the oldest in the world when it was phased out in 2004. As the most senior domestic marque, Oldsmobile offers all kinds of vehicle types from luxury vehicles such as pony, muscle cars to mainstream vehicles such as SUVs, sedans and so on. Founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897 as Olds Motor Vehicle Co., which merged with Olds Gas Engine Works to become Olds Motor Works and then General Motors bought it in 1908 and changed it to the Oldsmobile Division. Though Oldsmobile was closed in 2004, its luxury and sophistication are still acclaimed by drivers.

A Pioneer in Automotive Technology

As the oldest brand in the automotive industry in the United States, it is not strange that Oldsmobile was with many firsts. The more important contribution it has made is that various technologies it has provided for this industry are still in use commonly today. Oldsmobile has always stood at the forefront of discovery and innovation until its demise in 2004. Start from the assembly line Oldsmobile introduced in 1897 succeed in allowing it to produce 215 cars in 1901, even Henry Ford improved and received credit for inventing the assembly line by mechanizing it later. Later, the Curved Dash produced in 1907 though did not look much different than a traditional buggy, it was the first mass-produced car ever built. Moreover, this vehicle also introduced a technological advancement - the mechanical speedometer, which helped cars today still enjoy accurate and efficient speed readings. In 1940, Oldsmobile became the first automobile manufacturer to offer a fully automatic transmission, the Hydromatic, which was even advertised as the greatest advancement since the self-starter. Later Oldsmobile introduced the first American production turbocharged engine in 1962 named as the Turbo Jetfire, which was proved with problems as well as the first front-wheel-drive car. In the mid-1970s, it was first to create other safety measures that were more reliable and proactive than seat belts - the airbags. In more recent years, GPS-based navigation system called the GuideStar introduced by Oldsmobile was the first navigation equipment to be installed on cars.

Popular Models

As a century-old famous brand, Oldsmobile not only makes many classic and popular models, in return, these models help it built an image of innovation, reliability, performance and value. And the popular models from Oldsmobile often come with its advanced technologies. Cutlass, for instance, was produced between 1961 and 1988 and 1997 to 1999 as a compact and mid-size car through six generations, it was equipped with the Super Rocket, the most powerful engine, which was also available in Eighty-Eight and Ninety-Eight. The mid-size luxury sports sedan introduced from 1995 to 2003 was a high-end model, which was also the official pace car of the 1997 and 2000 Indianapolis 500. Alero, as a mid-size family/compact car, was introduced to replace the entry-level Achieva and Cutlass. It was Oldsmobile's last compact car as well as the last model sold under the brand. The large rear-wheel-drive luxury station wagon Custom Cruiser was also popular from 1971 to 1992 across three generations as the first full-size Oldsmobile station wagon. 98 or Ninety-Eight is the full-size flagship model of Oldsmobile that was produced from 1940 until 1996 through twelve generations. Toronado, as a personal luxury car produced from 1966 to 1992, is historically significant as the first U.S.-produced front-wheel drive car to compete against the Ford Thunderbird and Buick Riviera. It placed third in the 1966 European Car of the Year contest and won the 1966 Motor Trend Magazine's Car of the Year award. It is also a very amazing car.

Oldsmobile Parts

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