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About Oldsmobile Omega

Closely related to Chevrolet models, Oldsmobile Omega was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's brand Oldsmobile from 1973 to 1984 as a compact car. Originally introduced as an upgraded version of Chevrolet Nova, Omega in its name derives from the Greek alphabet, meaning the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set. After being manufactured for three generations, the production of Omega was ended, and it was replaced by the Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais although the last two generations Omega was actually badge-engineered Chevrolet models.
The second-generation Oldsmobile Omega was produced from 1975 to 1979 at the X-body platform along with Buick Apollo and Buick Skylark as the top model of this line. It came in F-85 (base), the Omega, Omega SX and the Omega Brougham trim levels. During this generation, Oldsmobile Omega was powered by 4.1 L I6, 3.8 L V6, 4.3 L V8 and 5.7 L V8 engines in succession. The more recent Omega arrived in 1979 as a 1980 model in two body styles: 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan. And it came in SX, ES and SportOmega trim levels. Back then, Omega was powered by 2.5 L I4 and 2.8 L V6 engines and engines sent power through either a 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission to the front wheels.

Oldsmobile Omega Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Since built based on the X-body, Oldsmobile Omega proved to be fairly trouble-prone just like other models on this platform. Thus, if you also have an Omega, please be prepared for these common problems on it in advance:
First, braking issue is not only the top problem on Oldsmobile Omega, it even triggers the government-mandated recalls. This problem is very serious and could bring about dangers during driving, you have to attach enough importance to it. According to some experienced Omega drivers, this issue could be diagnosed as early as possible based on recognizable and simple symptoms. First of all, some complained about the noisy and poorly responded brakes and unresponsive brake pedal; some said there will be braking fluid leaking on the ground. If you are careful enough, you may see score marked brake rotors as well. Moreover, once the Brake Warning Light also comes on, please inspect the brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, brake line, and ABS control module.
Second, the trickiest problem for Oldsmobile Omega is the suspension failure, especially for green hands. Most Omega drivers could not distinguish suspension failure and transmission failure and they do not have a correct understanding of the seriousness of it. They think the uncomfortable and unsteady driving trip is the worst consequence, which is partly true as it could lead to unexpected dangers during driving. At first, there are only clunking or rattling sounds from underneath the vehicle; but if left unattended, you will end up with having trouble in controlling the vehicle due to intense car vibration, tilting vehicle due to uneven and excessive tire wear, unintentionally steering and loose steering wheel. Therefore, please make sure the Omega wheel bearing, shock absorber, sway bar bushing, sway bar link and trailing arm bushing in the best shape all the time.
It is important to solve common problems on your Oldsmobile Omega, but preventing these issues from happening seems to be more critical. Therefore, performing routine maintenance on some fragile auto parts of your Omega becomes your indispensable job. But since it is assembled by many different kinds of auto parts, knowing what parts need routine maintenance becomes the first job. For a safe and comfortable driving trip, please add windshield wiper, wiper blade, cabin air filter, seat belt, antenna and antenna base to your routine maintenance list.
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