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Hummer: The Most Rugged Brand in the US

Originally serving for the army, Hummer, was owned by an American heavy vehicle and contract automotive manufacturer AM General and then the famous multinational American manufacturer General Motors (GM). Markets as a rugged brand, Hummer could be traced back to another military icon - the Jeep. Boasting high recognizable awareness, Hummer only offers trucks and SUVs but no any cars. Founder by AM General under the background that the U.S. Army asked for a vehicle for military and battle use, Hummer first appeared as a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, or Humvee) during the late 1970s. Until 1999, General Motors bought the rights to the Hummer brand name and became responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of future Hummer SUVs.

From Battlefield to Streets

Because Hummer was designed for military use at the first, when AM General decided to release civilian versions, it succeeded in merging advanced military technologies and general purposes. First of all, as an army vehicle, Hummer is made of best materials and equipped with best parts, which causes a high price unaffordable for the general public. Therefore, Hummer introduced the 6.6 L Duramax V8, which struck the balance between the consumers' needs for power and GM's need for peace of mind as well as a low price. What's more, this engine is powerful enough to offer exceptional off-road capability. But if you want to have the Hummer to cross over all kinds of harsh road conditions, simply the excellent off-roading capability is not enough, the just equation-tire pressure is also vital. In flat, even roads, higher pressures are required, but in rougher terrain, that high pressure can cause you to pop a tire quickly. Therefore, CTS (Central Tire Inflation System) offered by Hummer enable drivers to inflate or deflate their front tires or their rear tires or even all four altogether, which actually decreases the odds of fatal accidents and increases of the possibility of driving safety. What's more, the 4-speed 4L80E automatic transmission adopted by Hummer is also regarded as the best and most durable.

Popular Models

As a decades-old famous brand, Hummer not only makes many classic and popular models, in return, these models help it built an image of ruggedness, versatility, amazing off-road capability and value. Though on May 24, 2010, the Hummer brand demised eventually, those models it made during its life are still favored and popular among Hummer aficionados. The first vehicle in the Hummer range was the H1, which was built based on the Humvee and released in 1992 as a civilian off-road vehicle. It also offered three variants: convertible-like soft top, 4-door hardtop Sport Utility Truck (SUT) and Alpha Wagon body version. Other variants such as a 2-door pickup truck, which is used mostly in army or troop; and a 4-door slant back, which shares the same body style of the Humvee. H2 is an SUV and SUT produced by AM General from 2002 to 2009, it is a larger truck but slimmer, longer, lighter and taller than H1. As the only one of the trucks to have the letters HUMMER between the grille, H2 also boasts a spacious interior accommodating six to seven passengers, it was even nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award for 2003. H3 as a sport utility vehicle/off-road vehicle was available from 2005 to 2010. It was available in two vehicle types: a mid-size SUV and a mid-size pickup truck called as H3T. Both its on-road and off-road capabilities are great as it featured a 2-speed, electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drive system.

Hummer Parts

Since Hummer models are out of production now, it means that they are more valuable than those existed models. Therefore, you definitely should choose the best-quality OEM Hummer parts as parts replacements to restore its factory performance to the fullest extent. carries a giant selection of lowest-priced genuine Hummer parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty to meet your requirements on fitment, performance, quality, reliability, durability and even affordability. What's more, once you have any dissatisfaction about these OEM Hummer parts after receiving them at the door step in the shortest time after ordering, you are allowed to return them without hassle. Order now and have your Hummer back on the road and live longer immediately!

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