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About GMC S15 Jimmy

Acting as an SUV version of the GMC S15, which is the counterpart to Chevrolet S10, GMC S15 Jimmy was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's GMC division between 1982 and 1991. Originally introduced as a sporty version of the S15, S15 Jimmy also has a counterpart in Chevrolet lineup called S10 Blazer. As the second model introduced as a sporty utility vehicle, S15 Jimmy dropped the S15 from its name in 1991 for the 1992 model year after being only manufactured for one generation.
GMC S15 Jimmy made its debut in 1982 as a 1983 model along with its rebadged variant, the Chevrolet S10 Blazer. It was built at the GM GMT330 platform based on the GMC S15 pickup trucks. Originally it was offered in a 2-door body style, in 1991, it added a 4-door version. And it came in two versions: standard cab and extended cab. During its lifetime, due to emission laws, S15 Jimmy was powered by engines rating from a base 1.9 L inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 82 horsepower and 101 pound-feet of torque to a 4.3 L V6 cranking out 160 hp and 230 pound-feet of torque, and all these engines sent power through the 4-speed automatic transmissions to either the rear wheels or four wheels.

GMC S15 Jimmy Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

After all, built based on the excellent GMC S15, GMC S15 Jimmy as an SUV boasts impressive off-road capabilities as well as hauling and towing capacities. Suitable both as a working horse and a family commuting car, S15 Jimmy could be looked as a perfect choice for you. But considering its age, you had better be prepared for these common problems on it:
First, the most horrible issue for GMC S15 Jimmy drivers is the drivability problem, which is mostly caused by engine failure. And although it is a serious issue, you still could sense it before it causes devastating consequences as long as you diagnose and solve it as soon as possible. According to some experienced S15 Jimmy drivers, this problem often has some recognizable and simple systems such as strange sounds from the engine, burnt oil odor filling the compartment and excessively loud exhaust from the exhaust pipe. Some also complained that as the accumulation of mileage, the engine will run roughly, misfire, stall and even hard start or inability to start. If you notice an obvious decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy as well as an illuminated Check Engine Light, it is high time that you need to inspect the S15 Jimmy oxygen sensor, engine mount, body control module, starter, fuel pump, spark plug, exhaust manifold and fuel rail.
Second, steering failure and suspension failure are also very common on GMC S15 Jimmy. In general, the fatal consequences of both issues are often caused by misunderstanding and underestimate of S15 Jimmy. Steering failure not only brings about clicking or grounding sounds while turning, it is also the culprit of difficulty steering, roughly-operated steering wheel, and low power steering fluid levels, which are dangerous for driving. Please make sure the S15 Jimmy power steering hose, steering wheel and steering column cover are always in good condition. As for suspension failure, you could attribute it to the S15 Jimmy leaf spring, sway bar bushing, wheel bearing and coil spring insulator.
In order to enjoy a safe, secure and comfortable driving trip, solving problems when they appear is not enough, performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts of your GMC S15 Jimmy is more important and effective. On your S15 Jimmy, you need to maintain the seat belt, headlight, fog light, cabin air filter, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna and door lock usually since they could guarantee you a wonderful driving experience.
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