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About GMC S15

Working as the counterpart to the Chevrolet S10, GMC S15 was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's GMC division between 1982 and 1991 as a compact pickup truck. Originally introduced as the first compact pickup of the big three American automakers, S15 also has an SUV version named as S15 Jimmy just like Chevrolet S10 has S10 Blazer. But after being manufactured for only one generation, GMC S15 was renamed as GMC Sonoma, which was replaced by the GMC Canyon in the North American market in 2004.
GMC S15 made its debut under the background of the 1973 Arab oil embargo in 1982. Identical with Chevrolet S10 apart from the grille, tailgate and assorted insignia, S15 was offered with both standard cab and extended cab versions. Equipped with an off-road suspension, optional dirt fans, a roll bar mounted in the bed and fitted with driving lights, ABS brakes, GMC S15 came in three trim levels: base, Baja and Sierra. And during its lifetime, GMC S15 was powered by engines ranging from 1.9 L I4 rated at 82 hp and 101 lb-ft of torque and 4.3 L V6 generating 195 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, and these engines sent power through the 3-speed, 4-speed automatic and 4-speed, 5-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels or four wheels.

GMC S15 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a compact pickup truck, GMC S15 is still used mostly for hauling, towing and loading. And under such labor intensity, problems find it in short time is quite normal. In case it is too late, you should be aware of these common problems on your S15:
First, engine failure is the worst issue that GMC S15 drivers have ever met during driving. It is a serious issue that could lead to devastating consequences, the only solution is to diagnose and solve it as early as possible. According to some experienced S15 drivers, this problem will first show some symptoms before it appears completely. It often starts with grinding or whining noises from the engine and excessive engine movement; then this issue evolves in poor performance in the engine such as misfiring, slow acceleration, bad gas mileage and starting issues including hard starting and inability to start. Once the cooling system also starts to leak coolant, you need to be careful as all will only get worse. You need to keep the S15 oxygen sensor, engine mount, body control module, starter, fuel pump, spark plug, exhaust manifold, fuel rail, cooling hose, throttle cable, timing chain guide and water pump gasket are in order all the time.
Second, issues on suspension and steering systems are also very difficult to handle for GMC S15 drivers. But suspension failure also has recognizable and simple symptoms: first of all, you may hear clunking or grinding noises from the tire wear during driving, which is actually the sign of uneven and excessive tire wear and it could lead to tilting vehicle. Gradually, you will notice poor handling due to intense car vibration, unintentionally steering and a loose shaky steering wheel, which poses a potential danger of fatal accidents. And the S15 leaf spring, sway bar bushing, wheel bearing, and coil spring insulator are often the culprits. As for steering failure, you can attribute it to the S15 power steering hose and steering column cover.
Besides, maintaining vulnerable auto parts of your GMC S15 is also very vital for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Some auto parts could not last as long as the vehicle could because of fragile materials and harsh working conditions, performing routine maintenance on them is essential. Therefore, please put the S15 emblem, headlight, door handle, trunk latch, tailgate latch, wheel cover, door lock, windshield wiper, wiper blade, washer pump, seat belt and some repeated-used electrical parts such as window regulator, ABS control module, mirror switch, wiper motor, headlight switch, power window switch, ABS sensor, wheel speed sensor and door lock cylinder on the routine maintenance list.
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