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About Chevrolet P30

Being a unique model in the whole Chevrolet lineup, Chevrolet P30 was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's automobile Chevrolet Division between 1975 and 1999 as a stepvan truck. Originally introduced to satisfy buyers' needs in transporting and hauling heavy big items, P30 belonged to the Chevrolet B-Series. In fact, P30 did not have a very long developing environment, but it became many automobile manufacturers' model in producing stepvan truck since its introduction. But after 1999, it was replaced by the Blue Bird Vision.
Chevrolet P30 is also a nameplate that was used on a motorhome made by General Motors. But no matter the motorhome or stepvan truck chassis in the P30, both were popular among the automobile manufacturing industry. For example, the Mini Bird was built based on Chevrolet P30 step-van chassis and G model passenger and cargo vans also adopted the P30 chassis. And even the Workhorse Group founded in 1998 took over the production of General Motors' P30 series stepvan and motorhome chassis, it built its P-series also based on the P30 stepvan/mobile home chassis. During its lifetime, P30 was powered by 5.7 L V8 gasoline engine, 6.2 L V8 diesel engine and 7.4 L V8 gasoline engine.

Chevrolet P30 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As the model of many step van and motorhome manufacturer, Chevrolet P30 is very exceptional in build quality. But considering it is a rather old model, these common problems on your P30 won't be strange:
First, engine failure caused by cooling system failure is the most common problem on Chevrolet P30. I believe it has no need to stress the seriousness of this issue and everyone only wants to know how to solve it, we here collect some recognizable and simple symptoms from experienced P30 drivers for green hands. First of all, you will find oil or coolant leaking from the oil cooler, oil getting in the cooling system and coolant getting in the oil; or smell oil burnt odor in the compartment and hear noises from the engine; then, engine keeps at a high operating temperature and overheats a lot, and its performance reduces dramatically. Finally, you will notice a big decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy as well as the lit Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light. In case your engine gives up on you, please inspect the P30 engine oil cooler, oil cooler, exhaust manifold, exhaust manifold gasket, radiator fan, fan blade, coolant reservoir, cooling hose and thermostat gasket.
Second, for Chevrolet P30 drivers, braking and suspension failures are also very horrible. Since no one will ignore the braking system as it decides if you could reach at the destination safely or not, you need to pay more attention to the working condition of P30 brake shoe, brake disc, brake drum, brake rotors and hydraulic hose. As for suspension failure, it also has symptoms such as rattling or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle, uneven and excessive tire wear, tilting vehicle and sluggish response in vehicle handling, please make sure the P30 sway bar bushing, control arm bushing, shock absorber, coil spring insulator and wheel bearing are in best shape before hitting the road.
Since you have bought a Chevrolet P30, you certainly want to enjoy the pleasure brought by it such as speed, comfort and safety. But because some vulnerable auto parts of it are made of fragile materials and always work under harsh conditions, they are bound to wear and tear quickly and could not last as long as the P30 could. Therefore, performing routine maintenance on them become your necessary job. Electrical parts such as alternator, fuel tank sending unit and power steering pressure switch are exposed to multiple usages, windshield wiper and wiper blade are responsible for providing excellent driving visibility under adverse weather conditions. Please maintain them regularly.
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