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About Chevrolet K10

Being one member of the long-lasting and renowned Chevrolet C/K lineup, Chevrolet K10 was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's automobile Chevrolet Division from 1960 to 1975 as a full-size pickup truck. Originally introduced to enrich the C/K lineup, K10 also observed Chevrolet's naming convention and "K" in its name stands for it is a four-wheel-drive pickup truck and 10 means it has a weight of half-ton. But still, after being manufacturer through three generations, K10 along with the whole C/K lineup was replaced by Chevrolet Silverado.
The second-generation Chevy K10 was produced from 1967 to 1972 nicknamed Action Line. Compared to the first generation, K10 added comfort and convenience items to switch its working purposes to family use. Came in Standard, Custom, Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne, CST (Custom Sport Truck) and Cheyenne Super trim levels, K10 was powered by engines ranging from 4.1 L I6 to 6.6 L V8 and engines sent power through the 3-speed, 4-speed manual and 2-speed, 3-speed automatic transmissions. The most recent K10 debuted in mid-1972 for the 1973 model year, it came in trim levels including Custom, Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne and Cheyenne Super. Powered by engines carried over from the previous generation, K10 got power through the 3-speed, 4-speed automatic and 3-speed, 4-speed manual transmissions.

Chevrolet K10 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

For full-size pickup, Chevy K10's mission is to carry and load heavy items for long distance. And under such labor intensity, K10 is easy to have these common problems:
First, suspension and transmission systems are often the most vulnerable systems in Chevrolet K10 as it often works under rugged harsh road conditions. And once they fail, driving could be extremely dangerous. First of all, suspension failure could result in intense car vibration while driving, swerving or nose diving when braking, uneven tire wear, vehicle bottoming out or tilting to one side and excessive road noise, and the K10 shock absorber, coil spring insulator, shock and strut mount, control arm, and coil springs are often the culprits. While transmission failure is often the reason for leaking transmission fluids, strange smells, and odd sounds, and you need to keep the K10 transmission assembly in the right order.
Second, engine failure is another terrible issue for Chevrolet K10 drivers as they all know it often predicates the vehicle is on the verge of breaking down. Therefore, the sooner you diagnose and solve this problem, the greater you have the possibility of getting away from a breakdown. Here are some recognizable and simple symptoms to help you. First, white or gray exhaust smoke comes from the exhaust pipe, impact or metallic sounds come from the engine, coolant leaks externally from below the exhaust manifold, bubbles appear in the radiator and oil becomes milky. Next, engine runs roughly, misfires, stalls or even suffers from starting issues such as hard starting or inability to start. Then it will lose power while acceleration and trigger the Check Engine Light. Therefore, please make sure the K10 spark plug, piston ring, engine mount, head gasket, drive belt, intake manifold gasket, rocker arm, camshaft, fuel pump, and exhaust manifold gasket are working properly always.
Performing routine maintenance on some vulnerable auto parts of your Chevrolet K10 is always more effective than taking reaction measures when meeting unexpected situations during driving as preventative measures are the key to completely eradicate the possibility of unexpected situations. In your K10, some auto parts are easier to wear and tear due to materials and working condition. Thus, some electrical parts such as instrument cluster, A/C switch, speedometer, spark plug wires, oil pressure switch, oxygen sensor, body control module and so on should be maintained on a regular basis. But the K10 seat belt, door handle, wheel cover, headlight, emblem, wiper blade, windshield wiper, door lock and horn deserve the same treatment.
When faced with choosing new parts for your Chevy K10, OEM Chevrolet K10 auto parts should be the first option pop into your head. Precise fitment and optimum performance of them are only the basic features, lowest-priced manufacturer-warrantied genuine Chevrolet K10 auto parts from the large selection at could also meet your requirements on quality, reliability, durability and even affordability. Once you have any dissatisfaction with these OEM K10 parts, you can return them without a hassle after receiving them at the fastest delivery speed!