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About Chevrolet Cobalt

Being the decent example of America's ability to build an exceptional compact vehicle, Chevrolet Cobalt was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's automobile Chevrolet Division from 2004 to 2010. Originally introduced as the successor of Chevrolet Cavalier, Chevrolet Prizm and Pontiac Sunfire (G5), Cobalt shared the GM Delta platform with the Chevrolet HHR wagon and Saturn Ion. However, it was eventually replaced by Chevrolet Cruze though it also had a rebadged Pontiac version named as Pontiac G5 available in Canada.
Chevrolet Cobalt made its debut in 2004 for the 2005 model year as a 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan. Its trim levels consisted of Base, LS, well-equipped LT, luxury-themed LTZ, Sport and high-performance SS. Equipped with standard safety equipment including dual-stage front airbags as well as head curtain side-impact airbags, daytime running lights and one year of OnStar and Sound service, Chevy Cobalt was powered by 2.2 L I4 initially making 145 horsepower, which increased to 155 horsepower for 2009. A 2.0 L supercharged I4 rated at 205 hp, a 2.4 L I4 producing 177 hp was also available for Cobalt. And power was sent through either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions to the front wheels.

Chevrolet Cobalt Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Although being inferior to the imports, Chevy Cobalt still is a good choice as a family car thanks to respectable performance and an affordable price. What important is that we should recognize its downsizes and always be prepared for these common problems on Cobalt:
First, strangely, suspension and transmission failures on Chevrolet Cobalt are the most common problems compared to others. But still, there are recognizable symptoms to help you diagnose and solve it as quickly as possible. Clunking noises, excessive vibration, steering unintentionally, abnormal tire wear and poor handling are all the typical symptoms of defective Cobalt steering knuckle, axle shaft, drive shaft, wheel bearing, control arm bushing, and sway bar bushing. As for transmission failure, wrong gear readings, vehicle starting in another gear or not going into gear at all are resulted from Cobalt shift cable, shift linkage boot, synchronizer ring and automatic transmission shifter.
Second, engine failure and worse situation brought by failing cooling system are what Chevrolet Cobalt drivers feel tricky on the vehicle. Generally, all engine issues such as ticking or clanking sound from engine, dirty oil, increased oil consumption, rough-running, misfiring, stalling, or hard starting engine would get worse if the coolant starts to leak out and the engine stays at a high operating temperature. In the end, Cobalt will hesitate to accelerate or stumble during acceleration and activate the Check Engine Light, all these could only be solved by replacing the Cobalt cooling hose, body control module, thermostat, radiator hose, rocker arm, engine mount, oxygen sensor, coolant reservoir, drive belt, fuel injector o-ring, timing cover gasket, intake manifold gasket, air filter, thermostat gasket and throttle body gasket.
Simply depending on knowing how to diagnose and solve above common problems is not enough for a little bit to ensure a safe and comfortable driving trip. Performing routine maintenance on some auto parts of your Chevrolet Cobalt is the key way to let you away from any fatal accidents. After all, some auto parts are bound to wear and tear and could not last as long as the vehicle could. First of all, electrical parts are succumbed to wear quickly because of high frequency of usage, thus, Cobalt mass air flow sensor, ABS control module, A/C switch, window regulator, ABS sensor, vehicle speed sensor, ignition switch and back up light switch are supposed to be on routine maintenance list. But parts like door lock, headlight, seat belt, hood latch, emblem, wiper arm, wheel cover, door handle, tailgate latch, truck latch, wheel seal, and cabin air filter should be maintained periodically as well.
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