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About Chevrolet C10

Belonging to the famous long-running Chevrolet C/K lineup, Chevrolet C10 was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's automobile Chevrolet Division from 1960 to 1986 across more than twenty years as a full-size pickup truck. Originally introduced to take the place of Task Force with other members in the C/K lineup, C10 also observed a naming convention that GM used on its trucks for the next 40 years. "C" stands for two-wheel drive and 10 means it weighs 1/2 ton. As the first batch of C/K lineup, C10 featured many firsts that inspired the following models. Before it was replaced by a variation of C/K series, it has been produced through three generations.
The second-generation Chevrolet C10 was produced from 1967 to 1972 nicknamed as "Action Line". Apart from the drop-center ladder frame and independent front suspension carried over from the first generation, C10 also added comfort and convenience items to make the vehicle not solely for work purpose. It came in with trim levels including Standard, Custom, Custom Deluxe, CST, Cheyenne and Cheyenne Super. And C10 got several engine options ranging from 4.1 L I6 to 6.6 L V6 and engines sent power through the 3-speed, 4-speed manual and 2-speed, 3-speed automatic transmissions. The third-generation Chevy C10 arrived in mid-1972 for the 1973 model year, which called "Rounded-Line". Custom, Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne and Cheyenne Super were available trim levels. Engine options were the same, but they sent power through the 3-speed, 4-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

Chevrolet C10 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting about a light body and compact size, Chevrolet C10 is a very good truck not only for work purpose but also for family use. But still, for the sake of driving safety, you have to be prepared for these common problems on C10:
First, engine failure could be the biggest problem that Chevrolet C10 drivers could ever meet during driving, and it is also an omen indicating the vehicle is on the verge of breaking down. According to some experienced C10 drivers, this issue often has some simple symptoms for drivers without any mechanical knowledge would also diagnose this problem immediately. For example, unusual noises from the engine and shuddering during acceleration, smelling burnt oil odor in the compartment, the engine keeps at a high operating temperature and has bad gas mileage. What's more, once the vehicle also consumes more oil than before and even activates the Check Engine Light, please inspect the C10 pinion bearing, oxygen sensor, exhaust manifold gasket, oil filter, drive belt and air filter in time.
Second, braking and steering problems are also what Chevrolet C10 drivers feel troubled. The significance of braking system is obvious but in C10, after a while of driving, the brakes would give out noises when being depressed and respond poorly, the brake pedal also becomes pulsating as well as the rotors being covered by the score marks, all these could be attributed to the brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum and brake caliper. As for the steering failure, some drivers said symptoms include steering tilt could not be locked, clicking or grinding sounds while turning and steering wheel operates roughly. Under such circumstance, you are advised to replace the C10 steering column cover and steering wheel.
But apart from above two common problems on Chevy C10, you still bear routine maintenance on some vulnerable parts in your mind, as it is often the more effective way to stay away with fatal car accidents. For example, some electrical parts such as wiper switch, headlight switch and ignition switch should be maintained routinely due to a high frequency of usage. Other parts such as seat belt, emblem, wiper blade, windshield wiper and door handle should be on the routine maintenance list as well.
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