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About Chevrolet Astro

As the response to the wildly successful Chrysler minivans, Chevrolet Astro was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's automobile Chevrolet Division between 1985 to 2005 as a cargo van. Originally introduced along with its rebadged variant, the GMC Safari, the Astro was a true workhorse with considerable towing and hauling capabilities. Due to it did not fit the modern day-to-day convenience and driving ease, the last Astro rolled off the assembly line on May 13, 2005, and it was replaced by the Chevrolet Traverse and Chevrolet City Express after being manufactured through two generations.
The first-generation Chevrolet Astro was produced from 1985 to 1994 to compete against the Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager and the Japanese Toyota Van as well as Dodge Durango and Honda Pilot. Marked as both a passenger van and a cargo van and featured a body-on-frame configuration, Astro was powered by a 4.3 L V6 rated at 165-200 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque and 2.5 L I4 producing 98 hp. And engines sent power through the 4-speed automatic, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions to the rear wheels or four wheels. The more recent Astro arrived at the market in 1995 as a facelifted version. It was available only extended-length Astro and got only one 4.3 L V6 engine.

Chevrolet Astro Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Possessing acceptable ride and handling capabilities, large space for accommodating up to eight passengers, and truck-based design, Chevrolet Astro is a very different and powerful van compared to its competitors. However, considering your Astro is at least twelve years old, you have the need to know about these common problems on it:
First, engine failure is always a headache for drivers, including Chevrolet Astro's. Generally, when the engine starts to fail, the vehicle is also on the verge of breaking down, no wonder every driver hopes to diagnose and solve this problem as soon as possible. Some experienced Astro drivers are kind enough to offer some symptoms to help others. At first, they said, the engine will make whining or knocking noises, then there will be smoke coming from the engine, and oil, coolant leak on the ground. Gradually, as the engine always stays at a high operation temperature, its performance also reduces dramatically so that it will misfire, stall or have a problem in starting, the vehicle will have slow acceleration response, poor fuel efficiency and illuminated Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light. In case these symptoms appear, please try every means to make sure the Astro engine mount, throttle cable, fuel pump, timing cover, water pump, water pump gasket, oil pan gasket, oil filter and EGR valve gasket are in good condition all the time.
Second, for a truck-based van Chevrolet Astro, suspension failure is also a common and big problem. In fact, under most circumstances, if the issue is handled well, it won't result in a fatal accident, or else, you will not only get an uncomfortable and unstable driving experience. Astro drivers said at first, if you ignore the clunking, rattling and scraping sounds from beneath the vehicle, you will get uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle. In a long run, you will realize it is hard to control the vehicle due to intense vibration, loose steering wheel and unintentionally steering, and that is when the worst result appears. Thus, you need to inspect the Astro drive shaft, axle shaft and sway bar bracket thoroughly once above symptoms arise.
A wise Chevrolet Astro owner must know the truth that taking preventative measures is better than reaction measures. What's more, some auto parts of Astro are bound not to last as long as the vehicle could due to fragile materials and harsh working conditions, maintaining them routinely so that they could function well is vital for the whole ride. Therefore, electrical parts such as speedometer, instrument cluster, door lock cylinder, heater core, power window switch, blower motor, oil pressure switch, headlight switch and blower motor resistor should be maintained regularly. But vital parts including windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, emblem, washer reservoir, and cabin air filter also should be on the routine maintenance list.
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