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About Cadillac CTS

Standing out from vehicles with sharp charm, Cadillac CTS has been produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's Cadillac Motor Car Division since 2002 as a mid-size luxury and executive car. Originally introduced to replace the Cadillac Catera as the 4-door sedan built on the GM Sigma platform, Cadillac CTS soon received a warm welcome. Now, it is in its third generation and has won awards such as nominee of 2002 North American Car of the Year award, winner of MotorWeek's Driver's Choice Award for "Best Sport Sedan", Motor Trend's Car of the Year, Car and Driver Magazine's 10 Best cars and so on.
The second-generation Cadillac CTS was produced from 2007 to 2014 and debuted for the 2008 model year at the January 2007 North American International Auto Show. As a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon, it also came in a CTS-V variant and was powered by engines ranging from 3.0 L V6 to 6.2 L supercharged V8 and power was sent through 6-speed automatic or manual transmission to rear wheels or four wheels. Current generation Cadillac CTS was unveiled on March 26, 2013, as a 2014 model. Available only one sedan body style, Cadillac CTS now is powered by engines varying from 2.0 L turbocharged I4 to 6.2 L supercharged V8 with power sent through 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac CTS Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As one of the more distinctive looking vehicle with exceptional driving dynamics, Cadillac CTS is very well-received among buyers. But just like any ordinary vehicle made out of steel, CTS could not withstand the natural beat and these common problems will find it eventually:
First, braking failure is definitely the most reported issue by Cadillac CTS drivers. It is reasonable as every driver is aware of the significance of braking system, so they may attach enough importance to it and issues are easy to be found. According to some experienced CTS drivers, when the vehicle reaches a certain mileage, the brakes will be noisy and poorly responded, meanwhile the brake pedal will pulsate when depressing. In case your braking system gives up on you suddenly when driving and cause irreversible consequences, please make sure your CTS brake disc, brake pad set and brake dust shield are doing their job right before driving on the road.
Second, suspension and engine failure could be regarded as the most common and troublesome issues that Cadillac CTS has ever met during operating. The suspension failure may result in intense vibration while driving, swerving or nose diving when braking, uneven tire wear and grinding noises while turning and the CTS shock absorber and coil spring insulator could take responsibility for these symptoms. But engine failure could cause drivability issue and make the engine misfire, stalls, or even unable to start, and cooling system failure deteriorates the situation. Thus, once you sense hesitant acceleration and see lit Check Engine Light, please inspect the fuel pump, throttle body, body control module, water pump, drive belt, timing cover gasket and water pump gasket immediately.
In order to own a consistent best-shaped Cadillac CTS, you have to put routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts as your to-do list. The steering system is vulnerable, thus, CTS power steering pump, tie rod, power steering reservoir and steering column cover should be maintained routinely. Other parts such as the headlight, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light for the excellent driving visibility under adverse weather conditions; wheel cover and wheel seal for smooth movement; and seat belt for occupants' safety in sudden movement, all of them should be on this routine maintenance list for a safe and comfortable driving trip.
Another effective way to have a long-lived and best-shaped Cadillac CTS is to choose OEM Cadillac CTS auto parts as parts replacements. They are promised to fit your vehicle perfectly so that extra wear won't appear, and they could give the performance to the fullest play. The most important is owns a wide range of lowest-priced genuine Cadillac CTS auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Customers' satisfaction is our priority; thus, all OEM CTS parts are available for hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service. Order now and you could bring your Cadillac CTS back to the prime condition in the shortest time!