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About Cadillac Allante

In order to respond to the Mercedes-Benz SL coupe/roadster, Cadillac Allante was produced jointly by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company's Cadillac Motor Car Division and an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina S.p.A. from 1986 to 1993 as a luxury roadster. Originally introduced to compete against the Mercedes-Benz SL and Jaguar XJS, Allante was built through a seven-year production run with production officially ended on July 16, 1993. Ever since, it was replaced by the Cadillac XLR though it was also chosen as the 1992 pace car for the 76th Indy 500 Indianapolis 500.
Built based on the Eldorado platform, Cadillac Allante made its debut in 1986 as a 1987 model with bodies designed and manufactured by Pininfarina. As a 2-door convertible, it came in two trim levels: base and SL. Equipped with digital instrumentation, ABS brakes and full gamut of Cadillac features, Cadillac Allante was powered by a 4.1 L V8 rated at 170 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque, 4.5 L V8 producing 200 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque and 4.6 L V8 making 295 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque and these engines sent power through 4-speed automatic transmissions to the front wheels.

Cadillac Allante Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Featuring an effective entertaining and automatic top mechanism, Cadillac Allante is superior as a luxury vehicle. Backed by the General Motors, Allante is good enough but these common problems are still inevitable to appear on it:
First, engine failure is the most common problem that Cadillac Allante drivers could meet during driving. Since this issue could result in fatal consequences, you had better focus on these recognizable symptoms and get it solved as early as possible to prevent unnecessary accidents. According to some experienced Cadillac Allante drivers, the engine issue often starts with strange noises from the engine; evolves in the engine running roughly, misfiring, stalling or suffering from starting issues such as hard starting or inability to start. If you also notice a decrease in engine performance such as losing power while acceleration and bad gas mileage as well as illuminated Check Engine Light, then you are advised to inspect the Allante spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, fuel tank and engine mount thoroughly in a minute.
Second, suspension failure is also an issue that Cadillac Allante drivers meet frequently during driving. The point is that many drivers have not sensed the seriousness of this issue and thought it only brings about an uncomfortable and unsteady driving trip. This is only one impact, more serious is when the clunking or rattling noises coming from underneath the vehicle, it is actually wearing front brakes and tires and results in uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle. And as time passes by, Allante drivers feel harder to control the vehicle due to intense car vibration and loose shaky steering wheel, which is the prelude of dangers. In order to prevent such risk, you had better make sure the Allante wheel bearing, sway bar bushing, sway bar link, control arm bushing, coil springs and coil spring insulator are in good condition before driving.
However, routine maintenance is always the key to keep Cadillac Allante at the prime condition all the time. Just as the famous saying says taking preparation measures is always better than reaction measures. In Allante, wiper blade undertakes the responsibility of providing excellent driving visibility under adverse weather conditions such as downpours or heavy snows through swaying back and forth to clear off debris on the windshield. Replacing it every six to twelve months is the right move. Other parts such as seat belt, fog light, headlight, fog light bulb, headlight bulb, cabin air filter and antenna are also should be maintained frequently.
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