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About Buick Skylark

To respond to the fierce competition from Japanese automobile manufacturer, Buick Skylark was produced by an American multinational corporation General Motors Company and sold under its brand Buick from 1953 to 1954, 1961 to 1972 and 1975 to 1998 as a passenger car. Originally introduced to mark Buick's 50th anniversary, Skylark was the counterpart to Chevrolet Citation, Pontiac Phoenix and Oldsmobile Omega to compete against the high-quality and ever more popular compact sedans from Japan. After being produced through six production runs, the production of Skylark ended on December 4, 1997, and it was replaced by the Buick Verano in compact models and Buick Regal in high-performance models.
The fifth production run Buick Skylark was produced from 1985 to 1991 based on the N-body platform. At first, only the 4-door sedan was available, and the 2-door coupe was added in 1988. And it came in with several trim levels: base, Custom, Limited, S/E package and LE (Luxury Edition). During this generation, Buick Skylark was powered by 2.3 L I4, 2.5 L I4, 3.0 L V6 and 3.3 L V6 gasoline engines mounted to 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. The latest Skylark reappeared in 1992. Custom, Limited and Grand Sport were available trims. 2.3 L, 2.4 L I4 and 3.1 L, 3.3 L V6 gasoline engines sent power through either a 3-speed or a 4-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels.

Buick Skylark Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a matter of fact, the reputation of Buick Skylark is not that good due to it was embroiled in quality control problems severely. Thus, you had better be known about these common problems on your Skylark in advance:
First, running roughly when accelerating is the worst reported issue with the Buick Skylark according to the information from the online car repair statistics site In fact, this issue has the close relation with the engine. Thus, the best way is to diagnose and solve it as soon as possible before it causes worse situations. According to some experienced Skylark drivers, there are truly some symptoms to help them diagnose. Some said the strange sounds from the engine are the most obvious, then you may find the engine performance reduces so that it would lose power while accelerating or consume more oil than it ought to or cooling system failure deteriorates all these. If the Check Engine Light is also activated, then please inspect the Skylark air filter, oil filter, spark plug, oxygen sensor, throttle cable, intake manifold gasket and throttle body gasket immediately.
Second, transmission failure is also what Buick Skylark drivers met constantly during driving. People complained the unsmooth driving due to the failed transmission, the worst situation is that it could let occupants stuck in dangers if left unattended. But many drivers underestimate its impact on driving. At first, the symptoms of this issue are only the indicator not matching the gear and the vehicle could not turn off due to the keys could not be removed off, then the vehicle may start in another gear or not go into gear at all even the vehicle has difficulty in shifting gears. Under such circumstance, you need to have a thorough inspection on the Skylark shift cable, transfer case seal, automatic transmission shifter and automatic transmission filter.
In order to enjoy a smooth, safe and comfortable driving trip, performing routine maintenance on some vulnerable parts of your Skylark is an indispensable method. The wheel cover is not only used for decoration, it is also useful in stopping the accumulation of dirt or moisture on the wheels, thus, keep it in good condition could bring a smooth ride. Other parts such as headlight, fog light, seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade and cabin air filter also should be on the routine maintenance list.
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